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Ceinwyn's Blog

All I do is Knit and read.

9 October 1981
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I am thirty four years old. I currently reside in Illinois. I have a lovely four year old daughter and a handsome little boy named Atticus who was born just this last February. I spend most of my time tending to my children, or reading a book. I love Sci-fi and Fantasy the most. I am a gamer (A lone one at the moment as I don't have a group nor time for one right now) I am fairly easy going. I love to laugh and have fun.

I used to be a somewhat public journal, but I have been mostly posting Friends Only things so I am just making it all Friends Only.

kitty loaf!The kitty loaf shall
invade Livejournal!
Long Live Kitty Loaf!

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Care Bears is Care-a-Lot Love
by daffodil_lament Edited to fit by joxertd

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