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Today feels like it has potential to get worse. The desire to turn off my phone and the computer for the day is tempting. I really need a nap, I generally get the desire to sleep all the time when I am on my time of the month. I have no energy at all. I feel like I am getting cranky and real whiny. I am hungry too, I am gonna make something to eat pretty soon. I think cigarette smoke upsets my allergies. I don't get sneezing until I get a whiff of it. That and my mom smoking pot in her room gets it going too.

When I was coming back from the store this morning, some asshole almost hit me. Why is it that every time I drive nowadays I always end up with idiots driving and almost in an accident? I was at a stoplight and the jerk behind me apparently was trying to wait till last minute to brake and he was coming pretty fast, thankfully he realized he was a moron and not gonna make it and swerved off to the the right of me to avoid impact. There was no one in the right lane at the time. I am actually surprised that I kept my cool! lol I am so all over the place mood-wise that I would think I would be all pissed off and cussing at him.

I need to get in gear on my stuff. Job and then school is first and foremost. OMG I can't wait for school. I know I am gonna have a rough go of it being that I have work and Kaylee on top of it. I am sure Kay will be a little more settled by then. I know she won't be all self sufficient or anything, but old enough to take actual naps and easier to entertain.

I want the weather to get better today. I may be all bloated and awful today, but I would benefit from some walking. Kaylee would do well with some outdoors time as well.
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