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Today is ok.

Yesterday, Christopher went off on Chad. It was awesome. Chad however, doesn't get it at all. Thinks everyone is against him. No one was at first, but after all the excuses and the lying... Yeah we are all against him. He abandons his children and then yells at me for assuming things. How is that an assumption? He hasn't been around at all. Hasn't even tried. then he says he hasn't given a damn about me or Kaylee. So that just basically validated my "assumption."

Today, my Stomach is a little jumpy. I don't feel very good. It's alot to do with these pills. They make me feel so dumpy and sicky. They also make everything taste terrible.

Not much on the to-do docket today. I am getting tired of the monotony. I hate my job but I need to go back to work. I need to make a little money. If I had more time I would apply for jobs, but Kaylee doesn't sleep for long enough for me to do them, they time out and I have to start over from the beginning or I would leave it up and come back to it when I can throughout the day. Kind of like how it is while typing this entry out.

Need to finish the Percy Jackson Series. Thought I would move through them faster, but they are a little painful to read.
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