ceinwyn81 (ceinwyn81) wrote,

I need clothes!

Nothing fits. I have no clothes that fit me outside of my old mcd's maternity pants. It's starting to piss me off. I don't have the money to go buy new clothes. Trying to eat better and going to start working out to lose this baby weight. I already lost 20 pounds just by having her. Time to do something different. Probably gonna be walking alot. Really the only thing I can do with how Kaylee is. I don't get to do much with her being here. She is a pain about napping. She is a pain about sleeping period. She cries and screams if I am not paying attention to her. I don't know, but it's definitely a plan now. I want to get this belly back to where I had it. Also, I wanna fit my clothes again and feel good while doing it.
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