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I am the great cornholio

Today I was planning on going to 512 McD's where I used to work to see people and let them meet Kaylee. Unfortunately, time was running short and Kaylee seems to be on her fuss kick again.

Ray came over today. He went to his court hearings. They didn't go too bad. I did want to beat him because I finally got Kaylee to sleep. she was on the couch next to me. Ray kept going in and out that sliding glass door which opens loudly and he doesn't close it quietly either. Every time he opened that door Kaylee woke up. When I finally moved her to her crib in her room, 2 minutes later she was full blown awake. Thanks Ray.

SO I am trying to get her to lay back down at least long enough for me to shower.

I can't wait to get my hair cut. It's getting long. I want long hair, but I definitely need a trim. I want to redo my layers and possibly get bangs. I know.. why get bangs if they just piss me off eventually? Well, because they put something there to soften up the face a bit. Instead of just straight FACE and such you know?

I have calmed down quite a bit since this morning. Frankly, I don't give a shit if people read my journal. Just don't get pissed off at what I say. I did include a disclaimer on my userinfo page. The only thing that irks me is people getting into my friends only posts when they not on my FL. Or my privatized posts that weren't meant for them. All in all it's over and done now and time to move on.

If I had the money, I would just pack up and go. I want to travel. I want to see different places. I can homeschool Kaylee. HA! I have an idea. We can go be carnies! WOO!
Ok maybe not, but it was a funny idea right?

I am going to go finish my movie. I am watching Black Snake Moan. Christina Ricci is either REALLY short or Samuel L Jackson is VERY tall. She likes to show her boobs alot in that movie too lol No wonder I hear good things about that movie... from all the guys.
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