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A weird night

My daughter smells like fried chicken. Why? I do not know. Maybe one of us picked her up and had chickeny hands. I got a ton of baby mail yesterday. Most importantly, got a letter from support enforcement. They are starting the process of going after Chad. I can already hear the FML's coming out of his mouth.

Today, I have a little work to do. Mostly sweeping and mopping. That is if I can get Kaylee settled OUT of my arms long enough to do so. Maybe I'll put some laundry away.. I don't know.

WAY earlier this morning I was awoken at 2:30 am to a cop in the alley. He had pulled over one of the people that live in my building. He kept telling her to stop lying to him or he is going to do the DUI and take her car. Surprisingly, they let her go. She was lucky.
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