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I feel like terrible

Today at work was a busy one. It was order day. I come home and Clean out Paul's car.. Inside and out. Then I cook dinner. I made Stir Fry. Was very good. Afetr lounging a bit reading some and playing a little of my video game I found myself to be a bit headachey. It's about 9:00pm so I go lay down. Headache gets worse and I am suddenly burning up. I am drenched in sweat, In pain and now suddenly I feel like I am gonna be sick. By the time Paul comes to bed 25 minutes later I am crying. 20 minutes later I get up and drive to my work to pick up some excedrin and now I sit and wait for it to kick in. Sitting up is helping me feel better. Not so vomitous. I don't know whatthe hell anymore.
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