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I know it's been a while.

I have been so busy and so tired! Thats what comes with having a baby! I was due on May 26th. I had a OB appt on May 27th if I didn't go into labor before then. So No labor and into the Dr office with me. They determined that my cervix was not even close to dilating. Wasn't even thinned or anything. Then they did an ultrasound. The doctor was lookin around and saw that there was very little amniotic fluid around the baby. So she said I need to go into the hospital to be induced. I went in on the 27th and it was the 29th I had her. My water broke at 3:00 pm on Saturday and I labored for 16 hours. Only dilated to a 4 and by then they decided I was moving too slowly and they needed to get the baby out right away. C-section is where it was. It was not a pleasant experience. But the ending result was so worth it. Into the world came Kaylee Rose. She is precious. I am so happy to have her. Being a mom is amazing.

Her father is a douche, and I am not comfortable with her being around him and I will fight any attempt he tries to get visitation. Unless it is supervised. I don't know. I want nothing to do with him. the only thing he gave me was this little precious girl and I am thankful for only that.
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