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I am getting a little annoyed at being home all day all the time. Yet, I am so freaking tired and sore all the time, that going anywhere is an achievement. I have no money so taking a bus anywhere is a little out of the question. I hate asking for rides, because the economy is so crappy and gas prices are so high. I have no money to offer for gas. It won't get any better when Kaylee is born, because I will be here taking care of her. So I guess I better get used to it. I just wish that her father wasn't such a piece of shit.

Speaking of pieces of shit. I am not disowning my brother. Until he grows up and can apologize with sincerity and with honest effort to NOT repeat his mistakes for how he treats my mother and I. I am having nothing to do with him. I will not help, offer advice, or really even speak to him. I can't. After sending him a link for a phone that is paid for by the government (DSHS) and he getting all pissy with me about it, when I WAS ONLY TRYING TO HELP HIM since our mother has to cut him off from the phone since she can no longer afford it. His FS got cancelled because on his review he stupidly put down that he got 500 dollars. DSHS cut him off asking where the money came from, he had until the 6th to report that info. He can still go in and do it, he's just lazy. My mom wrote him a note saying she loaned him the money. So he basically yelled at me that his FS got cancelled and I should worry about my own shit. Well Fuck you Raymond. I am done.
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