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I like not having to go to work, only because I hate my job. I am very bored otherwise and I am going crazy just being at home all day. Time is dragging on and on and I feel like all I am doing is waiting. I am patient to a point, then I can't handle it anymore. All the waiting is making me annoyed. I love having my Xbox to play, but it really only feels worth it when I have accomplished something productive. When I was working, I looked forward to my time off. I felt like I earned it. Now I feel like a lazy ass bum. I'll remedy that by doing laundry, Organizing Kaylee's clothes (Put her 3-6 months away and her 0-3 months in an easily accessible spot) Some of her clothes got warped in the wash so we are gong to donate them. I am sure Preemies can wear them. I also need to pack up my hospital bag for when I am in labor and have to finally go.

I think I'll vacuum too. That sounds like a great idea.
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