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Just the same old useless crap.

I have a growing intolerance for things. By things I mean people, the things they do, they things they say, etc. I have lost all faith in basically everything. Relationships are a joke to me right now. In fact the entire dating game is a joke. The guys I am surrounded with are douche bags. The ones I would consider dating live in different states. That poses a problem being that I can't move again. Well, I could, but I don't think I could handle the stress and such that it would cost me to do such a thing. I always do for everyone else. I think it's time for me to ask that someone does for me. So no moving elsewhere for me. You want me, you come up here. Plain and simple.

I really hope that my brother figures his shit out. His time here is limited and it's going by quick. I don't think he knows how serious we are about him getting out before Kaylee gets here. He never takes any of us seriously. Ask for a simple, please smoke outside, and that goes for ALL things you smoke. He can't even do that. I am not going to get into it about him right now I'll just get angry.

I have two more work days and I get a day off!. Hooray!

I finished watching "How to Train Your Dragon" and it was wonderful. I hope Kaylee will want to watch it with me when she is semi able to comprehend tv shows and movies.

Now I am off to finish "The Count of Monte Cristo" and then pass off into sleep. Well, That is if my brother is done throwing his hissy fit over Taco Bell and his dog.
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