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This crap blows.

Woke up this morning to my room stinking again. I don't understand how someone who stays somewhere for FREE can be so disrespectful to the people who let him stay there for FREE. We have asked him several times to NOT smoke that shit in the house and he still does it anyway. My room reeks as does the entire apartment and I am feeling sick cuz of it. This pregnancy has been absolutely miserable. Not just because I am sore, tired, cranky and sickly all the time. It's because of all the bullcrap I have to put up with while I am going through it. I moved in here with my mom to escape that b.s. and I still have to deal with it. It's like living with Chad all over again. Except, I am not dealing with Alcohol, I am dealing with weed. Not sure which is worse.

Yesterday at work was so dead boring. It's different coming from a super busy McD's to a not so busy McD's. Got read the riot act by a large womane about milkshakes. She and her kid wanted the 32 oz milkshakes. We don't sell them anymore. We have new shakes and they are a little smaller. I know she was mad, and it does suck they raised the prices and shrank the sizes, but I only work here. I don't make the rules. After about 5 minutes of bitching and whining she said they are going to Dairy Queen. 15 minutes later they are in my drive thru, ordering large vanilla milkshakes. Yeah, FUCK YOU BITCH!

I am getting excited. I am sooo close to having my new bed, and my xbox isn't far behind. I saw a comforter at Target that I wanted. I was gonna go to Biglots and get their bed in a bag set, but I got one from them already and the comforter is a piece of crap. I am going to get something nice. Also getting nice, new pillows, some comfy sheets that might actually STAY ON THE MATTRESS! Gah! These ones come off in the middle of the night. So annoying. After things settle down I am looking into getting a new phone. Gonna see how my budget is after I start work after maternity leave and school starts.
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