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I feel so... blah

Today I am feeling... odd. Not quite depressed, but not really happy either. It's more like nothing. I feel nothing. I think I am just tired and It's making me all weird. I am suffering perpetual boredom. I love reading and I have been doing more of it, but my eyes get so tired after a while. I have no interest in anything on Netflix right now. I could watch "The Sarah Conner Chronicles" but I grew tired of watching John run all the time. If I want to watch a whole lot of epic running, I'll watch Lord of the Rings.

I am sort of dreading work. I get paid today and I think it's going to be one of those paychecks that makes me cringe. I might actually have to postpone the new bed by another couple weeks. It's been a rough couple weeks for me and I had to take some extra time off. I sure hope I got paid for those days that I wasn't in the computer yet.
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