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Will kill someone.

I have always had a low tolerance for annoying people. Is it just because I am pregnant that I am even less tolerant? Usually even if someone is annoying the piss out of me I keep quiet about it and go about my thing, especially, at work. I actually was very passive aggressive about stuff like that and would actually go bitch to someone else without even telling the annoying person about it, or I'd post on Facebook like a bitch. Lately, I have been a little more vocal. I still post on Facebook, but I still let the other person know. Either that or I delete the post to not cause any drama. I mostly like to let off steam.

Today... I almost murdered a kid. This douche, I'll call him "M" just made crew trainer at McD's. He is the most obnoxious, annoying, STUPID, kid I have ever met. Let me explain something first.. Crew Trainer is a position at McD's that is basically a person who trains the crew members, Coaches them on procedures, and able to answer questions and help with anything you need help with. NOWHERE IN THERE SAYS YOU ARE A MANAGER. This guy decides I am an idiot apparently and starts bossing me around. Each time contradicting what he said to me before. "Crystal, take three orders, get three orders" Then I go to run for myself, and he tells me to get back to my window. ooookay. Today, I go in to work and "H" (manager) asks me if I want to run for front counter or present drive thru. I say I'll do drive thru since it is the least moving around position. After an hour on that, "C" (manager) sends me out to do lobby. I stock, sweep, clean tables, etc. I come back and tell him every single trash in the store needs emptied and the sweet tea is out. He gets a pissy look at asks me why I am not doing those things. Oh really? HELLO PREGNANT? When I tell him I am 8 months pregnant and am not able to lift anything he gets this dumb look on his face. Anyway, back to drive thru for me! after about 30 minutes, They are trying to figure out who to send on front counter to give the dude his break. I hear "M" come running out and basically tried to override the managers. He says "Crystal, go get on window." I told him no. I have no till out there and I am not touching someone elses money. He repeats, "Crystal I said get on window" I look at "C" and ask him "Do you need me to go on front counter?" and "C" is looking like a deer in headlights. I shrug and just go about my thing.

hours later... New managers are in the others are done working for the day. Puffball (manager) asks me to redo my hair since it was coming out of it's bun. Low and behold here comes "M" screaming, "HEY CRYSTAL FIX THAT HAIR!" Now up until then "M" was just dancing in the grill area saying "Whaaaaaat" in an elongated sing song type of way and he was at it for about an hour. I was homocidal. When he yelled at me about my hair right in front of Puffball, I said to him "Don't you freakin start, I heard her tell me I don't need you tellin me too, and I swear to god, I am going to slap that doofy grin off your face if you go "whhaaaaaaaaat" one more time" You know what he did? looked right at me and went "whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat" and thankfully puffball told him to get his butt back on grill, cuz I was rearing to hit him. All this kid does is talk talk talk and walk around in circles all day. For some reason everyone there just loves him and thinks he is a great guy and a hard worker. HELL NO! I want to kill the kid.

Thats about my day there. It got better when I saw my cat Homer at my Grandma's when I went to drop off her car. I miss that cat so so much. He's my big, fluffy, baby boy.
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