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Time for a breather. Things are starting to settle down. I know life is always hectic and stuff happens thats wildly out of our control, but it's really how how handle it and if you still continue to plow forward despite the world taking a dump on you for that moment. I am formulating a plan for my future and so far I have some good ideas. I am keeping them to myself for now just because I don't want to put them in to words and feel silly and stupid if they don't come through.

I am comforted and happy that my dealings with Chad are coming to an end. Once this bed is out, I no longer have anything of his that I need to worry about. I can tell him to shove off and go my merry way. It's that thought that is keeping me sane in the whole situation. Yeah, I know my little Kaylee will tie us together forever, but I sincerely doubt he is going to be around and I am done being angry about that. It's his loss, and I don't have to worry about his alcoholic, whatever drugs he could be taking, negative behavior being an influence on my daughter.

I have been reading alot lately. Fullmetal Alchemist Manga and other normal books as well. Also been watching FMA Brotherhood. I like it well enough, it's different from the first FMA and So far I like both versions. I wish Paul and I could still talk because I would love to tell him about it all. He's content with me out of his life though, and I will respect his wishes. Although I did have to send him an e-mail the other day and I hope it didn't put him off. It was about the FFXI passwords because I sold the Ps2 which had his info saved to the HD! I didn't want his stuff hacked into or anything. Ah well.

I have a headache. So I am gonna gooooo.
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