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I am exhausted! I am almost 8 months along now. (I am 30 weeks preggo to be exact.) Getting closer every day. It's almost daunting. I am scared about how much it's going to hurt. I am. of course, getting an Epidural.

I finally have a day off. worked a straight 5 days. Good hours though, and I need the money. I am adjusting to the differences at the store compared to the 512. They don't have as many employees at the Westgate McD's than they do at the 512. We seem to be understaffed most of the time. So far I am being treated like I am on my first day ever. I just transferred! I am not a brand new hire. It's been annoying, but so far everyone is nice there.... minus one tard in particular. Every place has that one person. I miss 512. It's familiar and I know the people. Also, they are more efficient and apparently better at their job there. People are slow at Westgate.

I went to Kmart to get my Xbox on Layaway...they didn't have the one I wanted. SO! I went to Sears. They had the one I wanted and they have Layaway! After $124.00 more paid on it, I will be a gamer again. I already put 100 down on it, and I have a $60 dollar check ready to cash out from state taxes to make my next payment. I will also have my new bed before that xbox shows up. That way I still can say my priorities are in check lolol. I just hope that Chad will hold up his end of the bargain. If he doesn't come get this bed, it's gone and he cannot bitch at me for it. I am just so tired of him and his sad life. I can't wait for that bed to be gone so it will the be last thing I have to deal with concerning him. Well... In that respect... I still have this baby of his he will have to answer for. Thats another story that will be told another time.
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