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I hate idiots. Some jerk tried to run me over in the parking lot tonight. I was walking to the bus stop, and this car just sped up right at me. I was in a well lit area, and easily seen. I was furious. I still am furious!

I transferred to the Westgate Mcdonalds. The busses aren't friendly there but Oh well. I'll manage. It's better than 3 busses to Lakewood.

I am trying to make my way through my reading. I have a goal. 75 books this year. I can do it! I am also looking to buy an Xbox 360 soon. My hands are twitching for a controller to play something. It's been a while since I gamed. I am gonna need something to occupy my time when I am on Maternity leave. Well, When baby is sleeping. When I am awake while baby is sleeping that is. lol. I am gonna keep reading, but I need a break sometimes. Speaking of reading, I just gave up on "The Picture of Dorian Gray" by Oscar Wilde. Too wordy and no plot movement. Drives me crazy. I gave it 55 pages.
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