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Busy day!

Well oh my god, today was so super busy for me. I have barely been home longer than an hour at a time. This morning I went to DSHS to be told they can't help me and that I have to call the call center, makes no sense to me. Then I went to the library to get my books and print out the wrappers for my paperbackswap books that needed to go out. Then I came home and rested for an hour. Then I went to the Westgate McD's to talk to Jessica about that transfer and YES I GOT IT!!!! After that I went to Rite Aid and got some things. Came home. Rested. Then I left at 4:30 to go to the Multicare Clinic on Pearl St. I called my OB earlier today because I have this super nasty cough that hurts like hell in my chest each time. I was up all night with it. Now my chest, throat and head hurt. The OB told me there was nothing they could do for me and I am basically having to ride it out. After I whined a bit they referred me to a normal doctor. I called them and they said they won't take any walk-ins. Well screw that. I went to Multicare and sat for 3 hours and finally got seen. Was told that I had a temp of 101 and my BP was a bit high cuz of it. They gave me a script for cough syrup so I can get some sleep tonight. Then it was back to Rite Aid since they accept my insurance and while I was there I got some Easter M&M's (I know I am bad but I LOVE THE EASTER ONES!! the colors make me happy) and some Daffodils. Daffodils are my favorite and I needed something bright and happy.

Ray is out of the house tonight so it will be a peaceful one. :)
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