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Not alot happening. Got a cold coming on. This cough is absolutely terrible. Went to Walgreens and got some Ricola. It helps soothe it a bit. I went to Costco and wandered a little bit. I got some cereal (Honey Nut Cheerios are delicious) and Two jugs of Apple Juice, and a big ass thing of crackers. Well theres cookies in it too, but I mostly got it for the crackers. I have to go to DSHS tomorrow and inquire as to what the problem is with my card and why my FS aren't in yet. Also the Dr appt I thought was today is actually tomorrow, so taking the Glucola drink was a waste. It made me throw up anyway so I had to get another bottle. Not looking forward to drinking that again. That stuff tastes like Hummingbird juice.

Not much else to report on. My apartment smells like feet, piss, and dog. Very unpleasant. I am glad I have that candle warmer in my room. It helps out alot.
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