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Have to vent before I sleep

Alright, so at work we have construction going on. they are remodeling EVERYTHING! Our drive thru was closed so we had to be open lobby all night. Well this weird oldr lady comes in apparently a little before I came in for work. She, I guess, has no life. She stayed in our lobby ALL NIGHT LONG. It wouldn't have been an issue if she wasn't bothering other customers. There was work going on in a section of the lobby as well tonight. They were tearing out the ceiling, lights, chairs, tables, walls, etc. Right by the bathrooms. I almost went home because they were like no bathroom use tonight due to the construction. I was like no bathroom? I no work. I am pregnant. I NEED BATHROOM ACCESS. I told them that and the worker guys made an exception for the employees. ANYWAY, I digres, They had one of the lobby doors open. It got REALLY cold in store. I know they needed the door open to be able to haul crap out with ease. I put a coat on (Suck on that store manager Biotch). This woman (the crazy one) comes up to me and says, "It's cold in here!" I nod and say, "yep, it stinks, but at least I can wear a coat." She stand there and makes a shivering "Brrrr!!!" noise and shakes herself to exaggerate the emotion. And she stands there. And stands. Stares. I am ready to say.. "Yeah.... anything else? I have to get back to doing my job now...." She turns tail and goes back to her table, only to go to a different table to talk to the Foreman dude.

I get sent on my 10 minute break. I come back and Ruth tells me to go wipe down tables and do a sweep in Playland. Playland was closed. We close it every night at 9 pm. I go out there with my little rag and a broom and dustpan. (I get hella worn out and sore from it, but I LOVE CLEANING PLAYLAND AND LOBBY!!! I can work my own pace and be a space case while doing it. Theres no pressure.) I walk in there and start wiping down the tables and I hear a "hello!" and I jump a little. She scared the crap out of me. She was sitting at a table in this trashed disaster zone that is playland. I politely tell her that the playland area is closed and if she would kindly relocate to the lobby area, it would be appreciated. She says "I am still eating. I will sit here as long as I like, and Ruth told me I can come out here because the lobby is cold." I am baffled. I, again, say "I am sorry but this area is CLOSED. I have to clean the entire area out here." She literally argued with me about how to do my job. I finally went and told Ruth what was said and Ruth was like "I NEVER TOLD HER SHE CAN BE IN PLAYLAND! JESUS CHRIST!!! Tell her to get out of there, it's closed. Man she pisses me off"

I go back out to Playland, and I know all she ordered was a small fry... It doesn't take long to eat that at all. So I tell her, "As soon as you are finished with that fry, I need to you please vacate the Playland area. I have to clean in here," The woman says "I will finish when I finish, and Ruth said I can be here." I again tell her, "When you are done you need to move. Ruth is the one that asked me to tell you that, and if you don't like it, or don't believe me, you may ask her yourself. So please, kindly finish whats left of your french fries and move out of here so I can do my job." I am done messing around. I go get started, grudgingly, on lobby ( I do this after playland. It's easier that way.) She comes out 10 minutes later, tells me I may have my work area back and sits back down to bother the Foreman again. It took me 30 minutes to do a wipe and sweep of Playland. It was awful. I start on lobby and as I am sweping I hear her conversation with the foreman. She is telling this guy her morbid, sob story of her family. She has a sister and neice that smoke Marijuana. OH BIG DEAL! I don't like the stuff either, but to each their own, they could do worse. She said to the guy "And they want to legalize the stuff! THATS JUST A HOLOCAUST!" Seriously? That is not an appropriate word to describe it at all. Does she even know what the Holocaust was? I mean really, we have FAR worse things to worry about than Marijuana being legalized. Cry me a damn river, lady.

SO now I am actually forced to sweep near her. I hear her telling the guy that she does gardens for people at 50K a pop. Ok? So is that why you are sitting at McD's ALL night with no way home? I get close to her and she starts talking to me. She tells me about the Foreman's drunk son he never hears from... I actually tell her, to not tell me that. It is none of my business, and not hers to tell. She then tells me that if I was a decent person and loved god as much as she does, that I would quit working at McD's andgo take care of my baby. She then said "I used to work as a diagnostic sonographer for the hospital, and I know how hard it is for pregnant woman. You can get Toxicomania," I appreciate the concern, but I am working because I can't afford to sit on my ass with no job to help support my life, Kaylee's life, and help pay bills here. I don't need god shoved down my throat, and I certainly don't need a crazy woman getting in my business. She literally followed me all over as I was working. I HATE THAT. I AM WORKING, WOMAN! LEAVE ME ALONE! Wtf is Toxicomania, and First she is a garden creator that makes 50K a pop, now she is a Diagnostic Sonographer. I looked up Toxicomania, and she must be on drugs herself because here is the definition.

A condition characterized by an overwhelming desire to continue taking a drug to which one has become habituated through repeated consumption because it produces a particular effect, usually an alteration of mental status. Addiction is usually accompanied by a compulsion to obtain the drug, a tendency to increase the dose, a psychologic or physical dependence, and detrimental consequences for the individual and society. Common addictive drugs are barbiturates, alcohol, and morphine and other opioids, especially heroin, which has slightly greater euphorigenic properties than other opium derivatives

I CAN GET A OVRWHELMING URGE TO TAKE DRUGS BECAUSE I WORK WHILE I'M PREGNANT!!!! OMG Wtf ever lady, That has nothing to do with me being pregnant and working. This basically describes every drug addict or alcoholic in existence. It's not shocking.
Bugger off!

She was very bitchy to Joe too. When the morning crew came in, they put Joe on front counter. She ordered a Bacon Egg and Cheese bisquit. She brought it back cuz the biscuit was hard. Then tells Joe to call her back up when he gets it right. She had a tone to her voice about it too. Dude, Joe has his issues and his moments where I want to slap him, but he is a sweetheart and I don't think he deserves that treatment at all. Especially, when he is serving your food with a smile on his face. And that is a feat, my friends, for it is 5 am! No one is happy at 5 am.

I was super happy when it was time to clock out. I am hella tired. my feet are very sore, and my back is killing me.

Topped it off when I come home and found my bathsoap that I JUST OPENED LAST NIGHT and never used yet, on the sink covered in filth. Something must have happened cuz my bottle of Purell was out too covered in dirty dried up soap bubbles. HANDSOAP IS IN THE NEW LIGHTHOUSE DISPENSER!!! USE THAT!! My Loofah, Toothbrush and BARSOAP is OFF LIMITS! I am very very very personal about my bathroom hygienic supplies. I don't use yours, so don't use mine. I don't ask for much. Just three things. Don't use my bathroom stuff, don't eat my food (I'm preggo, I need that shit,) and try to be quiet so I can sleep. I am quiet for everyone else when they are sleeping, so I am justified in asking the same in return.

Today I am sleeping and then going to Rite Aid. Then it's home to clean my damn bathroom.

I will post more tomorrow, good things happened yesterday too. I am just frustrated atm.
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