ceinwyn81 (ceinwyn81) wrote,

Writer's Block: Leading a horse to water

Should parents be held responsible for the criminal actions of their teenage children?

Honestly, I think the teenager should be held accountable. If that kid is dumb enough to commit the crime they should suffer the consequences. It really is the only way they will learn to not do that. If they do something stupid, get busted, and the parents have to take the responsibility what does that teach the teen? That everything they do goes unpunished and their parents get the rap for it. Now, I know there are exceptions to some things, like a neglectful parent who never bothered to even attempt to teach their children right from wrong and let them run fre to do willie nillie, Then yeah they should share some of the blame, mostly for the lack of trying and not raising their child/children to be responsible, or trying to at least.

My Daughter might grow to hate me when she gets to be a teen. If she gets into trouble or goes to jail, I am probably going to let her sit there to think about things (like why she is there in the first place!)
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