ceinwyn81 (ceinwyn81) wrote,

I demand Freedom of appearance!

Lately, at work, this new manager has been really pissing people off. I for one am very confused why it is so important to have no individuality in the workplace. I want to know why the definition of a professional look is: Clean cut hair, natural colors only, one piercing in each ear, One ear for males, No facial piercings, no tattoos, etc. At my job it's all of those including no bracelets and no necklaces. Since when does the color of your hair, or nose piercing impair your ability to perform your job? Honestly, if some major corporate bigwig starts sporting multiple piercings, orange and magenta streaked hair, tattoos, etc I think that would totally rock. As long as they do their job I don't see how their appearance should affect anything.. People are so shallow. It's time to start thinking outside the normal. There really shouldn't even be a normal. I like being my own person. I am not into piercings or dying my hair, but I should be able to have the ability to should I decide to do it! WITHOUT the scrutiny of others.
I understand it being an issue if the person is coming in wearing dirty clothes, not showering or brushing their teeth and such. That to me is very unprofessional and disgusting. It not only makes them look bad, but it makes everyone around them miserable because they have to smell them all day.

I almost want to go get tattoos on my arms just to piss her off and so I can wear long sleeves again. Yeah, can't wear any long sleeves under my work shirt anymore. I freeze my butt off on the front counter.
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