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I am about 4 months pregnant... little over I think. I am tired of feeling like poop! Always puking. To be expected I guess. It's been pretty hectic lately. I work at Mcdonald's and my hours are going down due to slow business. It's really annoying. Also, working for Troy is starting to be a pain. Troy's GF decided to call my mom and start shit. Now my work with Troy is compromised. I need that work so I can pay my car! I can't be driving my Malibu. It's a piece of garbage. No heat at all. I can't drive my kid in a car like that! Troy is putting me in charge of advertising. I can do that from home. I am just looking to get my own computer. Gonna take some time.

I have to put school off till Spring, since I didn't make the financial aid deadline. It's ok. I am still deadset on going.

A guy came into McD's the other day and I guess he is a regular. He seems to like me alot.. Asked me out for ice cream lol. I decided what the hell and went. BAD IDEA! He was just fine until we exchanged phone numbers. now the guy is sending me texts saying "Do you like me? I really like you," "I miss you already!" it's been non stop since yesterday and I am ready to kill this dude. I told him from the get go that I AM NOT LOOKING TO DATE OR BE WITH ANYONE!!!!! But apparently he has selective hearing.

Tomorrow is Wednesday. D&D day. I AM NOT MISSING ANOTHER GAME! GDI!
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