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So I have to close tonight. Not something I am looking forward to but It's a once every now and then sort of deal so I won't complain. Yesterday was alright. Well.... Until this girl who works at the other store came in to relieve me. She was covering Vic's shift last night so he could have the night off.. (I am covering his shift tonight for same reason) So at 1:50 she comes storming in She takes a step up behind the counter without even a word to me. She glares at me just fine. So I say "Hi I am Crystal, you must be Donna" She glares at me again and stomps over to the register. Seriously? What is the deal? so I just say loudly "OKAY! I guess I'll go stock the coolers..." She says "Whatever" I am in one for like 5 minutes. It's not bad and mostly full. So I check the other one. On my way to the back she glares at me again. WTF? I decide FUCK the cooler this bitch can do it herself. So I Walk up to her and say "Anything you want me to do before I take off?" She then basically went off on me "You aren't supposed to be reading your book while working blah blah blah" Yeah so I was thumbing through my book a lil bit. Not like I sit and read my ENTIRE shift. Whatever So I ask again. "Anything you want done before I go?" She says "No I got it" Jesus this girl has some issues. Paul's mom calls and tells Paul that she went in and this girl was very rude to her. So Great girl is rude to customers. I hate people.

Speaking of books. My reading list is so long. I am working on "The Queen Jade" by Yxta Maya Murray. It took me a lil bit to get into but it's getting better. I got "I know this much is true" by Wally Lamb, "The Blood of Flowers" by Anita Amirrezvani, "The Black Sheep and the Princess" by Donna Kauffman Along with "I capture the Castle by Dodie Smith and "Wicked" by Nancy Holder, Debbie Viguie From the library to tend to. Plus alot more on my list.

Paul and I joined an Event Linkshell in our Game FFXI. It's called Fabled and We are enjoying ourselves. I shall update with screenshots just for shits and giggles.

As for other things... It's going good. Trying to get by and be happy. Thats all that really counts.
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