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So damn tired.

What a week. 4 days off, a long boring shift on Saturday, and an eventful Sunday off. First off, the PC decided it didn't need a working video driver and sent it to malfunction. Instead of trying to fix it, we went to Best Buy and Paul bought himself a new computer. The other one we may fix in the future, or we may send it on it's way to Silicon Heaven. The new computer is pretty sweet and looks awesome. We also went up to Davenport to a work friend of Paul's place and sell him my Super Nintendo. I bought new t-shirts with the money earned from that. Anyway, they are good peaople, Paul's work friends. Scott and Justin Are their names lol. They introduced a funny video that is eternally stuck in my head.

It's not a serious video, it is supposed to be funny. Be open minded and remember that no disrespect is intended by the lyrics of the song. If you are offended easily, don't watch it. For those with a sense of humor...

I am sitting in the airport. It's 5:15 in the morning and I am dead tired. My flight was cancelled yesterday so they put me up in a hotel and are sending me out on the earliest freakin flight possible. I ended up staying up last night so I can be on the 4 am shuttle to get me here on time. I had more than enough time, but I like to play it safe rather than sorry.

I wish I remembered my headphones. Now I can't watch anime while on the plane. Chances are, I'll just pass out and sleep on the way there. I know I am going to need a nap when I get there.
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