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sleepy and not in Seattle

Today is the 5th day of work in a row. I haven't actually had a 5 day work week in a long time. Nothing to get excited over.... I have four days off in a row coming up starting tomorrow. I get to spend the first day of it doing laundry, because I work such funky hours in the middle of the day it leaves me no time to do much of anything productive. It's going to be 5 hours of hot and sticky boredom. It's Monday and the AC is broken at Kmart and they are too cheap to fix it. I get to stand at a register and sweat all day. It's so nasty. At least I have some of the project I was working on yesterday leftover to do today. Pant mark ups! They are going from 12.99 t9 14.99 and I have to mark out the 12.99 and put a new price sticker over it. :P

I am flying home on July 26th to visit. I am excited, but I have no luggage! I am gonna look for some today.

Man I am tired.
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