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No day but today

It's been so frustrating with working so little hours and having no money. I love the time off, but I can't afford to sit on my rear end all day. Even though I loathe and detest my job, I need more hours. Unfortunately, the extra hours are for greeters. I know, a job is a job, but I can't seriously sit still long enough for greeting. I hate greeting. Today they wanted me to work 12-4 greeting on top of the 12:30 to 5 shift I have cashiering. Cashiering sucks bawls too, but it's better than greeting!

I am here at Paul's mom's house watching the animals. Poor Junior (the German Shepard) is freaking out over the thunderstorm we are in. It's pretty crazy outside right now.

I started my summer class and I have a big workload. Some things are being adjusted in my schedule to accommodate the work. Also, I have to type a little faster to pass this course. It's no problem, but the accuracy will have to be worked on.

Paul has been working long hours. He is making good money so he's motivated. As soon as we pay off some bills, my car is up for sale. I should start formulating what my ad is going to say. If can't sell it that way, then I shall use as trade in for another car and try to pay off my uncle's loan as quick as I can.

I have learned my lesson! Andrea's Place (Restaurant in Alpha,IL) gives me diarrhea. Well The burgers and onion rings do. Pizza is ok. Actually, I think I am just going to cut onion rings completely out of my diet. I already have done so with soda, and despite this mishap this morning, I feel great. I have been a tad cranky due to the change in diet, but I am adjusting. Why not cut out the greasy fried foods as well? I already have noticed my decline in fast food consumption. I mostly did that to avoid the temptation of soda. Overall, it will benefit me, my health, and my future. Now, to get the exercise going.
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