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I am going to fell over

I took some excedrin this morning to ease the headache of mine that started last night when I laid down for approximately 5 hours of sleep and I am hella tired. I don't know why I am awake right now. I think I will crash early tonight to alleviate some of this. So I hope that when I go to work today I am not all floaty and weird. Headache meds seem to do that too me. I guess we will see. lol I have been saying that alot lately.

I have been working with my Tarot cards. I am surprised with my outcomes. Apparently I can be logical! As of late I have been thinking a little more clearly and able to figure some things out. I am a major dreamer and my heart rules me so Brain gets angry with me alot. I am happy though that I am getting back into these.

I am repeating to myself that I feel fine and I am not crappy. Hopefully that mantra will work. I only work for 3 and a half hours so I think I will make it alive.

It's Memorial day. Send out my appreciation and love for the veteran who died from the REAL wars.

Sorry I am not a patriot. I have lost the will to care. I am one of those people that would be told to leave if I didn't like it here. To that I reply with "Gladly, now give me the money to move."
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