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Been busy with life lately. We spent the last weekend house sitting for Brook and Alan. I would normally spend that time watching some random Anime but I spent it mostly playing FFXI, Viva Pinata, and watching Mystery Science Theater 3000. I <3 that show. They practically have everything. So entertainment is easy at their house. They also have two dogs. Gambit and Xavier. Good dogs. One likes to lick and hug me. Very Odd. Paul went to his aunts on Saturday in Rockford. Then came back to town and went straight to the Dodgeball tourny/ Candlebox Concert. He had fun. I am glad I didn't go. I wanted to but I had to open at work. I ended up calling in due to no sleep and I was very quite mad about that. Poor Paul got yelled at when he got home. Speaking of work a little. I put in my two weeks notice. I start work at the gas station down the block on the 13th about. I can walk to work and that makes me happy. Played some FFXI. Got my White mage to level 73. I'll share some updated Screenshots sometime. For now I am taking a break from white mage and camping NM's to get gear and money. Also been helpinf Paul's Step-dad Shaun. He got into playing too.

I just did a routine cleaning of the laundry room and the Kitchen. they needed it. Tomorrow is the Dining room and Wednesday is the livingroom. I also got a butt-ton of laundry. It takes me longer to do laundry now cuz I have been hanging it up outside on the line to dry. Long and kinda tedious But it saves alot of money on the utility bill. Plus the clothes smell gewd.
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