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I go into work today thinking it's going to be a good day and all. I get my money bag from service desk and walk back to garden shop where I see Patrick with a large line of customers. The line was so long it went out the door. I also see this dude that works for Bonnie's plants standing at my register. As I make my way to the register, a bunch of people sort of start meandering to it thinking I am opening right now zomg. Anyway, Patrick says to me "Hey in a minute can you go get the hose for the Bonnies guy?" I say sure in just a second need to wait on these people first. Of course the Bonnies guy is none to pleased to have to wait so he tells me "Go do it now, I don't have time to wait for you to be slow" Wtf? I finish up with the person I was helping and just go outside to get the freakin hose. Poor Patrick still had long line of people. I get the hose hooked up and start dragging it to the gate so the ass can take it and water the plants along side the building. OH LOOKIE HERE! It's not long enough. I find another spool of hose, hook it up, detangle it and start dragging it out. The damn spool got jammed. I am in a white shirt and tugging on the fucking thing. I gave up went inside and started waiting on customers again. the Bonnies guy is like "Wheres my hose?"

Me: Outside, I am having difficulties and can't get it unrolled. After these customers I will get Pat to help me with it.

Ass: No I think you go get it now, to hell with the customers, you are just being a lazy bitch

Patrick: You know what I'll go do it real fast. (heads outside)


Ass: (to me) You didn't even try did you?

Me: I don't have to take this shit from you. If you wanna water those plants get the damn hose yourself. Customers are more important than you are and I am not going to get my butt reamed for making them wait so I can go diddle with the hose. I will be happy to call my manager for you to complain to, otherwise get the fuck out of my face and off my register.

Ass: If you people would water those plants in the first place then we wouldn't have this problem!

Me: I am just a cashier. Outside plant watering is not my job. Again, I will call my manager if you wish to bitch, but until the get the fuck out.

Patrick comes waltzing back in telling him the hose is screwed up and to if he wants it he can go play with it his damn self. HOORAY PAT!!!!

Sorry I don't put up with that shit.

Otherwise everything has been just fine. Paul is starting a new job on Tuesday and It will be a little lonely around here. I'll figure something out. :P

Got a barbecue/cookout w/e tonight so I better go finish vacuuming and get my smelly booty in the shower.
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