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Funky Dream

Weirdo Dream.

I was on an airplane flying to Philadelphia, with my 7 year old daughter. (I know.. ) and on the plane with me is Samuel L. Jackson. This is where it gets weird. All of the sudden the captain speaks up and says he is taking us to Canada instead due to volitile riots and such in Philadelphia,. Samual gets totally pissed off screamin that we can't go to that communist religious crazed Canada. I am confused and have no idea that Canada has taken over the United States and venturing further to other continents lead by a spiritualist who believes the world shall live in peace and harmony. We land in Canada and come upon a huge group of people. All dressed on odd colored robes with goofy hats on. People were lined up in a line with their heads down. A Few Stragglers walking away with a bandage on their foreheads. I ask what is going on to one of them and they smile at me in a very creepy way. They said "Welcome! our Lord is placing upon us the scar of loyalty and the faithful. All Beings in our Lord's country shall wear this for citizenship and faith. The line is over there I suggest you stand in it and wait to get it imprinted upon you. They execute all non believers and those who refuse the mark." I tell Samuel we are going to philadelphia. Riots or no riots. We get a plane to carry us and when we arrive there are roads destroyed, Cars demolished and Men running about with guns shooting at the military. I wonder. Which is worse Crazy worshipers of Canada or Philly which seems to have claimed it's independance from Canada.

jesus what does my subconscious get into?
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