ceinwyn81 (ceinwyn81) wrote,

Writer's Block: Bad trip.

What was your worst travel experience ever, and why?

I have IBS so it's like a lottery on that type of thing.  Sometimes I am ok, and the others I get hit with a nasty case of painful "OMG MUST GET TO BATHROOM NOW" and am stuck in there for a couple hours.

The worst was on the way home from a trip to Rockford, Il. We were on the freeway and there was no where to stop for a bathroom break, but I got hit pretty hard with the abdominal pain and diarrhea. so had to go find some bushes.  NO TOILET PAPER!  Nonetheless it was VERY VERY BAD.  I hope I never have to revisit that situation. I keep toilet paper in the car all the time now.
Tags: writer's block
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