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My luck hasn't gotten any better

I got pulled over last night.  Apparantly I didn't slow down enough in time. I was coasting in from a 55 zone to a 40 and finally to a 30. I was at 37ish when I passed the cop. He said I was going 46.  Which is total crap. The cop who pulled me over was an a-hole.  I swear no one likes him around here. He pulls people over for going the speed limit even.  Meh. I am gonna pay the ticket and just move on. 

In other news, I made Thai chicken for dinner tonight.  It wasn't bad. Just too spicy for me.  Cooking it was unpleasant.  I had to cook it for 5 minutes in fish sauce and let me tell you, it smelled like fried skanky vagina. Wanted to barf. After I added the chili sauce and coconut milk it went away.  Thankfully.
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