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We tore out the carpet in the bathroom, vacuumed all the dust and dirt all over the floor with our shop vac, Then removed the toilet. That was so nasty. Not the toilet part but the floor bit that had wax and poo all on it. Paul has to scrape that off so as to get it cleaned. We found a crack int he Flange. So we went to Tony's (Local plumbing place) and asked them questions! We came home bearing a metal plate to go over the Flange, Silicon, and Johni Bolts. Ok great! Metal plate is too small... I wash the floor with some soap and water. After it dried we laid down some blue lining and started putting tiles down. After a while we decide to install the new toilet. All is fine and dandy until he put the toilet down on the Flange with the new waxy gasket thingy on it. The right bolt had come loose and the toilet wasn't secured. It was moving when it got bumped or sat on. So he lifted it back up for me to correct the bolt again, and part of the metal flange had broken off where it was cracked. We're screwed. Problem is, that the Flange that is there is rusted, and bolted to the cement floor. It will be very hard to get that out. We also suspect it was installed upside down. So tomorrow I have to call Tony's to have them come out.
We've had to go to Paul's mom's to use the bathroom. Will have to do so for rest of today and probably some tomorrow. Also can't use the shower, because when we run the water in that it gurgles in the toilet hole thing!

I went to bed at 9:30 and woke up at 1:21 feeling stomach cramps. I went to mom's and used her bathroom and took two anti-diarrheals. I couldn't sleep and Paul was still up so we finished out Firefly. Went to bed around 4. Woke up at 6 feeling bloated crampy, and now add shakes and a feeling like I have too much energy. It's been so stressful lately that I think my anxiety has finally snapped and I am in the middle of a mild anxiety attack. My heart is pumping at a quicker rate and I feel like screaming. I am glad I only work 4 hours today because when i am done I am coming home and going to sleep.
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