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Sam Raimi fails

I hate how dry the air is. My lips are chapped all the time and it's gotten so bad that the corner of my mouth cracked and is now bleeding. People are going to think I have Herpes or something. I went to bed with a headache last night and woke up to it turning into a migraine. I am glad I have some Excedrin Migraine stuff. Just waiting for it to kick in. Today breakfast consists of a Banana and a bottle of water. Lunch will consist of more water and more fruit. Like Pineapple and cantaloupes. I know it's cold outside but I think I may go out for a walk after school. I also have alot of laundry to put away so I know I will have that to do when I get home. I have to do the last three rooms of my house in my super clean today, but I may cancel it and save it for another day off... Which I think may be Friday.

Watched Drag Me to Hell the other night, I thought the movie was blah at best until the scene where she stabbed and killed a kitten. Thats when I hated it. I finished watching the movie, and was pleased that the woman who killed the kitten that was trying so hard to not have this demon/lamia thing drag her to hell was indeed dragged off to hell. Sam Raimi needs to stick with spoofy horror films like Evil Dead. When he tries to do serious he ends up failing hard. I mean really.. The Grudge? no thanks. He did good with Spiderman.
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