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One thing breaks, it all breaks

So my car needs a new Serpentine belt, alignment fixed AND a possible broken tie rod. JOY! I have the money to fix it (thank you tax return) too bad I am not able to put in as much into my loan as I wanted. All I want is to pay off the loan and sell the car. It's been a pain in the ass since I bought it. Next thing, out internet keeps shutting off and on.  It's been so bad I can't even turn in homework. Then, our toilet is leaking.  I know this because we had some of that "turn your water blue" dye in it and now theres a blue ring around the toilet. It looks like we murdered a Smurf and tried to flush him.

OH! and here is my next assignment due for AOP 100 Careers for the Office Pro.

Many of the speakers for this course are involved in the community and value their community service personally and/or professionally. Community involvement is fantastic way to gain experience before attempting to land a position. As you look ahead, what is one community organization in which you see yourself participating?
Write a one-page paper telling me about the community organization. Tell me the name of the organization and very briefly their mission. What skills do you hope to offer? How would the organization benefit from your involvement? What do you think you could gain? Why would you be willing to give of your time and skills for free?
The completed assignment should be about one page in length if using the defaults in Word 2007. Your work should be keyed.i>

I am not even sure what to do for this assignment. I know this sounds awful, but I don't think I want to do any community involvement. I am an introvert. I just wanna go to work, go home, read, game, eat, and sleep. I don't wanna deal with people or the world so much. Unless it's meaningful. Heidi mentioned helping in Haiti. That is something I WOULD do. As for my local community? They are a bunch of small town simple-minded idiots. Nuff said.

Good news is even though we are having all this trouble, my stress level is kind of low still. From 1-10 with 10 being the worst I am at a 3. I feel pretty calm and It's nice not feeling like I am gonna cry, because all the stress is getting to me.
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