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Cameron family drama

Good morning!

So I am still here, I survived Deathstorm 2010 v 2.0. I had to call in to work though--which sucked. I hate doing that, but at the same time I love it cuz I hate my place of employment. ANYWAY! I managed to get a hold of My Uncle Ron. Was a long conversation and He hasn't changed a bit.  All the reasons why I am not fond of him came tumbling back. He really likes to toss around how he helps everyone in our family with money and finances. HIS money and FInances. I just wanted to tell him to shove it. I don't give two shits about his money. I just want my lighthouses. He really tries to be that hoity toity social status shit type of guy. ugh I hate it. He's alright in other ways, but he is so off in his own world. He really doesn't get it why My Uncle Bill and Aunt Carla won't speak to him, or My cousins Scott and Bryan angry with him. My dad and Uncle Don are always angry with him over his treatment of them, but they broke down and kept him in contact. Whats funny is the reasons he came up with for everyone who is angry with him. I am not going to get way into it. My family dramas are retarded and complex. They date back to when they all were kids and I wasn't even a thought yet. 

Don't get me started on my mother either. She has her own category.

Well It's off to school for me. I hope I did well on my test!
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