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computer fail

So I am reading "Under The Dome" by Stephen King.  I am 400 pages in, and it is now starting to get good. It reads sort of like The Stand.  It's almost the same length. There is still the detachment I feel towards the characters.  There are a handful that I wish would die already, but they are written as "detestable" so you are supposed to hate them.

In other news, I am getting frustrated because the school computers are not letting me on WebCT to turn in this paper that is due today. I already hate the class enough as it is. It's making me just not want to turn it in at all. I took my chapter 3 and 4 test for A&P today. I am thinking I did alright, but I am sure I could do better. Won't find out till Wednesday. OH! I might have a study partner. I made a friend in class ^_^

Still sleeping like crap.
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