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“I just wanted to apologize for any kind of crankiness that I have displayed over the past I'd say a couple months. My ___ level finally peaks and I started to kinda go into a freak out always angry at everything ___ and ask I see this in my Facebook for those of you who were on my Facebook I am taking a step back and kind of trying not to let things bother me so much and most of this I'm ignoring. People that get on my nerves I have put on hide so I don't have to see them I know it might be come treated as running away from my problems but honestly good people are really my problems so I really need to stop getting upset about it. Work has been entirely frustrating it's hiring and then ___ there and it's a lot worse because I have to work with this idiot kid who's Mom works there. The only reason why he got check on that cos season is over and the boys can't do a goddamn thing for himself. I have to literally him to get him to do and frankly I'm not even doing that any more because that is not my job I'm not his mother and I'm not there as a baby sitter so if they wanna hire some freaking 18 years old kid who's using his ADD and as an excuse to not work or do anything their supposed to be doing that's their problem not I refuse to do it any more and I'm pretty much getting ready to talk to my manager”

Auto-Transcribed Voice Post - spoken through SpinVox
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