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Not much has been happening. Nancy was on vacation all last week and I got stuck with the brunt of the opening shifts. I have yet another to work tomorrow. I am very happy Nancy is back and I can go back to my normal routine. As I pointed out earlier, I finished Full Metal Alchemist and I am very impressed. It is a very good series and I enjoyed  it immensely. I was not impressed with the movie. It was the ending to FMA and It was way too rushed. I am not sure what the next anime I will be watching. I hope it will be good though.  Paul has been going to a friends on Fridays to play Magic the Gathering. I always laughed at people who played this but I have gotten into it as well. It's amusing and I like being apart of it and can chat play and have fun.

Meh thats all I got for ya today lol. I am tired and my eyes are goofy cuz I was outside for a while.
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