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Most retarded class ever

Ideal Job Part 2

As a class, we will visit the Writing Lab on Wednesday, January 20, 2010, to learn about the services available. Part 2 of the Ideal Job assignment is to visit the Writing Lab independently for feedback. The person who assists you in the Writing Lab should sign and date your rough draft. You will revise and submit a final draft to me via Blackboard by the beginning of class on Monday, February 8, 2010. The rough draft is due in class on the same day.
Lainie Steelman has agreed to help the Bushnell students. Lainie’s hours are 11 AM – 1 PM on Thursdays. Barb Clem has agreed to help the Carthage students. Barb’s hours are 5 – 7 PM on Wednesdays and 9:30 – 11:30 AM on Thursdays. The above lab hours are subject to change. Double check the hours and sign up early. The Writing Lab will assist the Galesburg students.

Ok. What the fuck does this have to do with my ideal job?

Customer Service Assignment.

Customer Service Assignment
The speakers for this course deal with a variety of internal and external customers. What kind of customer service are you prepared to offer? Who are you going to work for? What kind of customer service will you be required to provide?
To help you reflect on this question, describe one customer service scenario. You may describe a scenario you were directly involved in or something you observed. Describe what happened. Write about how the problem was handled. Was it handled well? Why? Should it have been handled differently? How?
The completed assignment should be about one page in length if using the defaults in Word 2007. Your work should be keyed.
This assignment is due February 17, 2010.

This woman is really askin for it. Does she really want to hear about my customer service experience. this whole paper is going to be about how I am NOT going to go into a customer service job. Well I realize every job has something to do with customers, but I want MINIMAL CONTACT WITH PEOPLE. This class is going to make me homicidal.

I don't fucking need the writing lab. I can write a paper just fine on my own. I know my blog entries are lacking proper form and grammar, but I can buckle down and write in correct form. I got a bloody A in English and that was nothing but Essay writing. Please let March get here.

In other news I got an A on my test for A&P
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