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Tuesday Feels like Monday

I didn't sleep well last night. I woke up periodically throughout. When I got up this morning the cats were going all MEOW crazy because they wanted their breakfast. RIGHT MEOW. (heh). I get my clothes together that I am going to wear. I start pulling on my pants and I feel that wetspot coming up my leg as I pull them on. I am saying "no no no no please not again." OH yeah. Cat pee. Great. I look at Spanky who knows whats going on and he immediately runs away to hide. I only have two pairs of pants. Seriously. So now I have to go hunt down my other pair which thankfully missed the pee torpedo. I try to check my stuff before leaving online, but since yesterday the internet has been blinking in and out. I blame the weather, but the bad stuff is over. Or so I thought. I just looked out the window and it is snowing. (sigh). The drive to school sucked, because the roads were ok except for some rough patches here and there. I end up behind a semi who is behind a couple cars going 35 miles per hour. DUDE. IT'S 55 THROUGH THERE!!!! THE ROADS ARE NOT AWFUL GO THE FUCKING SPEED LIMIT. I got in to class with 15 minutes to do some last minute studying. I had a test today in Anatomy and Physiology. I feel pretty good about it. There were some questions I wasn't sure about. I also found a question that made no sense.

If Oxygen has an atomic number of 8 and an atomic mass of 18 how many nuetrons does Oxygen have?

A. none B. 6 C. 8 D. 18

If theres 8 protons (atomic number) and the atomic mass is 18 that means you subtract 8 from that you get 10. There are 10 nuetrons in Oxygen Atom. I pointed it out to the teacher and he told me to leave it blank and I have a good eye.

Thanks Teacher duder.

So, today's agenda is to call the vet for my piss monster cat, Try to get the internet fixed, Read some of chapter 3. Figure out interview questions for this retarded assignment for this CoP class.

OH! YEAH. I had to go to that class finally after not having it for a week due to a holiday and a school cancellation due to weather. We get back to class and first thing is Guest speaker! ugh She didn't even bother to catch us up on anything or tell us whats going on. I am so happy this class is over in March. I forgot about that until today. THANK GOD ONLY ANOTHER MONTH OF THIS DUMMY CLASS!
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