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Spanky Pee

My cat Spanky has started peeing on laundry. We would pile clothes in the corner that were dirty and he would go pee on em. At first we thought he was spraying. Spraying does not explain the large spots we would see that looked like he dumped a gallon worth. At first it was clothes on the floor... Progressed to clothes in laundry baskets. Then it was duffle bags, laptop cases, and backpacks. Now it's all of the above. Keeping the litterbox completely scooped all the time is a challenge when you have three cats and you are the only one doing it. I have done my best though. I don't know what to do about this. I looked online and have found that each one suggests taking the cat to the vet to see if there's a UTI or a bladder issue. I also took the advice of moving one of the litterboxes. Apparantly two litter boxes side by side can be upsetting to the cats. We'll see how that works. Going to speak to Paul about taking Spanky to the vet. Also going to mention how this cat is always puking. Putting him on different food is not solving the problem. We got the Iams Digestive Care. It did help a little because Spanky isn't puking as much, but he still does sometimes.

Any ideas or suggestions?
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