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It's my first week of school. My Anatomy and Physiology class to which I will now refer to as A&P, is challenging and interesting. It's not going to be easy, however I believe I can do well in the class if I work for it. I intend on working very hard. The instructor is awesome and explains things in a way that makes it easier to understand. I am also taking a class called Careers for the Office Professional. It's the biggest BS class I have ever taken and this is including middle and high school classes. I swear this woman must have forgotten all the career crap we had to do in H.S. I have taken the Meyers Briggs test before. I forgot what the results were because I really didn't care then and I still don't care now. We have these assignments due and it's not the assignment that pisses me off. You see, I was assigned to write a paper on my ideal job.

Here is the instructions.

Write about what you think would make an ideal job. Do not pick a job at this time. I would like you to think about the details, not the big picture. I am providing a few questions that may help you begin. Do not limit yourself to this list!
1. What type of work would you do?
2. Would travel be involved?
3. How much money would you make?
4. What would be included in your benefits package?
5. How many hours would be involved each week?
6. Whom do you answer to or do you answer to anyone?
7. Where would your job be located?
8. For what kind of business/organization would you like to work?

I later found out that I have to take this to the writing lab and have one of them sign off on it before I turn it in. Lady, if you are going to assign something GRADE IT YOURSELF. Don't assign something unless you know how to grade it yourself. I feel like I am taking a paper home to my parents to have them sign off on it to take back to the teacher. I am going to go talk to my counselor today and see if I can just not take this class. The teacher is self absorbed and I don't think she has a clue about anything. I mean really, I am being taught how to work in a professional setting by a woman who admittingly was fired by her own husband from her office job.... and thats why she teaches part-time at CSC. WOOO!!!!!
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