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Work And lack thereof

I'm finally going back to work today. I have been home a week and as much as I like the time off, I get SUPER bored and thats when it's time for me to go back to work. I never asked for a week off. I was supposed to work on Thursday, but I got snowed in so to speak. I managed to get some time in to play Little Big Planet. That game is more fun multiplayer and Paul is a poop and keeps saying meh. Oh well. Tomorrow I start my second semester at school. I am looking forward to it. It's gonna be tedious with me having a class everyday at 9 am.

In other news, I finally finished Lord of Chaos (WoT #6). It took me 3 months to read that book. Would have been shorter had I not discovered Dragon Age. Well also wouldn't hurt to have read faster. Truth is the book drags on and is packed full useless crap that doesn't move the plot. My motivation to read it like I do other books is kinda down. I can only read so much of it at a time. Unless it was the 5th book. That one I sailed through, and I don't know why. At the moment I am sailing through a Manga. Volume 6 of Chobits. After that it's on to Island of the Sequined Love Nun by Christopher Moore. Heidi says she wasn't impressed with it much. I guess I know what to look forward to lol.

Remind me to update my mood icons. I have the perfect ones..
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