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Classes and stuff

I just signed up for Spring classes. I am down for Anatomy and Physiology at 9 am Monday thru Thursday, Business Records Management Open as long as I meet deadlines, and Careers for the Office Professional Monday and Wednesday at noon. A & P will be the rough one I think. I just gotta pass English with a C this semester and I will be in the clear. I didn't wanna do morning classes due to work schedules and such, but I really wanted to take A & P with David Burns as my instructor. The other lady who teaches it is crazy from what I hear from everyone else and Burns is a good teacher. So yeah I'll do 9 am classes to take his course. In other news I FINALLY QUIT THE GAS STATION!!! I rule Kmart now. I'll have them bowing before me soon. I am the master and Overlord all shall obey! :D

Too much fun.
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