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I am so psyched

So I am going back to school! I start August 24th. I don't know if I can wait that long! It's a month away. I am so excited for it. It's been too long coming. I planned to go back to school but kept putting it off. I got accepted for the Pell Grant and I got a little extra from Illinois MAP grant. I only get that grant for this semester though. Illinois is in the craps right now budget wise so they cut alot of fundage for that grant. Iafter My tuition I had an extra $377 which I applied to my books. My books cost me $327.00. Thats nuts! So 53 dollars of my Aid thats left is mine. I just hope that next semester I won't be short on cash and have to pay out of pocket for books. I say that cuz of the IL MAP grant won't be there for me. I may just have to up the classes I take to get more aid. It goes by credits. :P I will worry about that when I get to that road. I have this new shiny medical dictionary which I opened up to see a Penis that was all discolored and gross. yay.... I also have a big giant book of medical terminology stuff. This semester is gonna be fun! Thats only half sarcasm... :)

Well Toodaloo I have work to do!
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