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Sims 3

I have been playing the hell out of my Sims 3 game. I started out with a Crystal Sim and I married her to a random sim I made.. He looked like Jack Harkness... So I named him Jack Harkness. Crystal and Jack had three kids. Malcom, Inara and Kaylee (Inara and Kaylee are twins) and being I wanted to keep the twins kind of together if I were to choose them as heirs I decided that was annoying and moved them out as soon as they aged into young adults. I got Malcom married to his high school girlfriend Kenyetta. They moved to this awesome house and I am playing them right now as my active family. Inara and Kaylee both got married to other sims on their own and hopefully have kids... Malcolm and Kenyetta had a daughter named River. What is strange is that I tried getting her preggo again but it wouldn't take. It kept saying she was pregnant and the next time I would play she all of the sudden wasn't. Plus she was back to being chubby. She was chubby when Mal married her, but she kept wanting to go exercise so I'd let her and she worked off all the weight. She always defaulted back to her chubby self when I turned it on again. Even if I saved it. It was annoying. But it seems to have gone off that glitch and she got pregnant and has twins. Zoe and Jayne. (girl and a boy) This round is gonna be fun. Zoe has the Evil trait. Mwahahahaha
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