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It's been a crazy few months. I am sort of wishing this year would hurry and go by already. I have been constantly sick with something and I am getting rather annoyed. I hope this is the final thing I have to endure. Freaking Anti-biotics from the strep throat gave me a damn Yeast Infection and this bitch won't go away so easy. I had to call my doctor and he called a script in to the pharmacy. I hope this works! People are so inconsiderate. Really people I don't want your germs. So please don't wipe your snot on your hand and then give me your money, Please don't sneeze in my face or cough on me. COVER THAT SHIT. Please don't stand there with your mouth gaping open and breathing directly in my face, for one your breath stinks, two I DON'T WANT YOUR FUCKING GERMS! This is how I got Strep Throat in the SUMMER time in the first place. Working with the public is never easy. Which is why I am going to start classes for a job that I don't have to wait on people. I don't really even have to deal with them. I can sit with my general dislike for the human race typing on my little computer and be content.

The other day I swear I saw my cat Spanky out on the steps to the backdoor. I run out in my socks to try to get him inside the house. when I went out side the cat had vanished. It couldn't have gotten very far. I looked around the house, garage, neighbors yard, nothing. I go back in to put my shoes on and I see Spanky sitting in the livingroom. Ok so the bastard got back in the house! Well theres no openings in any of the windows and the doors are all closed. He couldn't have gotten outside in the first place. Paul thought he might have gotten out last night but Spanky was cuddlin me around 3 am or so when I got up to go to the bathroom. So either I saw a ghost cat that looks just like Spanky or I am hallucinating.

I am so tired. Vic asked me Tusday if I could close Wednesday (last night) I was like whatever sure. So I did and then I had to drive all the way to Rock Island afterwards cuz I am dog/hiuse sitting with Paul for the rest of the week. Then I had to get up to go to work. I left early so I can get gas. I left a little too early cuz I am at home now typing here. I am ready to pass out...

Not much to comment about in the recent news. Michael Jackson dying was a shock, but now soom will turn into an annoyance because it's ALL over the news ALL of the time and It's like Give the man a break he died. It's over.

Poor Farah Fawcett. Cancer is never a good thing. I don't think I can joke about Butt Cancer anymore....

I MISS YOU BILLY MAYS!!!! I just started watching Pitchmen too. I thought it was just so funny that he was so damn loud. I wanted him to sell something me and Heidi invented. But sadly it won't ever happen. Can't even have Vince the slap chop guy do it cuz for one he is annoying, two he's in jail! A girl bit off a chunk of his tongue and he beat the crap out of her. Way to go Shamwow!

Billy Mays Order's Mcdonalds! ROFL (I donno if I wanna be the lady taking the order lol)

I love Thriller. :D
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