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I have been trying different face washes. I like Clean and Clear for it is cheap and does good, but I don't like all the chemicals. I have found that things with Sulfates in them dry out your skin and make you itch real bad. Well it does to me at least. So I have been experimenting. I tried Bjore, but that has sulfates in it too! Burt's Bees is good and has no harsh chemicals in their products. Purely natural. I am using a brand called Simple. It's UK based, and has no harsh chemicals at all and I really like it. I got some Toner from them too. Thats working out well also. I am also paying attention to whats in my shampoos and conditioners and also lotions (I use Aveeno, it's wonderful stuff). Also watch out with your deoderants! If there is Aluminum in it DON'T USE IT! Aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer's. With me getting all conscious about what I use on my skin and hair, I will start applying this to what I eat and put into my body. It is high time I start taking care of myself.
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